ID: 4587
User Update by: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Status: Open
Bug Type: Feature/Change Request
Description: Would like exit and die to return an int

Any update on this request?  Is there an existing way in the language that I can force 
a non-zero return code to be passed back to the OS?

Previous Comments:

[2000-05-24 21:10:44] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I think PHP is awesome.  I am a build engineer and am going to replace all of my shell 
scripts and perl scripts with PHP.  One thing that is currently hurting me is that 
exit and die do not return a value.

If I have a makefile with a target, and I run a PHP script to build that target, I 
want the PHP script to return a value.  That way, make will behave properly.

all: target1 target2

   php -q -f script1.php

   php -q -f script2.php

If script1.php does not execute successfully, I do not want script2.php to run.

This problem isn't limited to make.  If I have stand alone scripts that are called 
from other external programs, it is extremely important to be able to pass back a 
return code.

If it causes too much of a problem to change the signature of the exit and die 
functions, I'd be perfectly happy if there was a new function that did exit with a 
return code,

int exit_rc(int value)

Thanks for your consideration and thanks for a great language!


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