Alexander Feldman wrote:
> >   I just commited a patch that removed the configuration options for the
> > debugger, that never(?) existed in PHP 4, namely
> >
> >     -
> >     - debugger.port
> >     - debugger.enabled
> >
> >   I hope this was okay.
> Great, I planned to do this... We should also remove the Logging
> section. If there are no objections I will strip it.

  Is the Logging obsolete, too? If so, it should be removed IMHO.

> >   Now, what about the discussion we had some time ago about removing
> > php.ini-optimized and add a php.ini-recommended (and yet another version,
> > but I can't remember)?
> Hm, what about php.ini-win and php.ini-nix??

  There's no big difference between *nix and Win32, as far as the php.ini is

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