ID: 9552
Updated by: andrei
Old-Status: Open
Status: Closed
Bug Type: Arrays related
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It is possible to call object methods with array_walk().
Try the following:

array_walk($this->files, array($this, "memberfunc_2"));

Previous Comments:

[2001-03-04 19:18:06] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Well maybe noone will ever use array_walk in Classes, but this should at least be 
class foo {
        var $files = array();
        // CONSTRUCTOR
        function foo() {
                // fill up the files array
                $this->files = $this->memberfunc_1();
                // do something with the array
                array_walk($this->files, "$this->memberfunc_2");
                // or "memberfunc_2" or "this->memberfunc_2"
        // create a unique filename and clean up the real filename
        function memberfunc_2(&$c_arr) {
                // do some stuff ....
} // end class

$bar = new foo();
____________END SCRIPT______________

This code leads to an Error Like :
Warning: Unable to call this->memberfunc_2() - function does not exist in .....


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