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Do you use Zend Optimizer, probably?

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[2001-02-25 15:37:41] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
using PHP 4.0.4pl1 under Linux

I configured php as:
./configure --with-mysql=/usr/local/mysql --with-pgsql=/usr/local/posgresql 
--enable-track-vars --enable-gd=../gd1.8.3 --enable-ftp --enable-discard-path

now.. the problem is simple... i create script to run from the shell containing the 

        echo "asdf";

the problem: PHP prints #!/usr/local/bin/php on top of all output.. i tried to use 
output buffering to suppress it, but it doesnt catch it, without the 
#!/usr/local/bin/php I cant run the script from shell properly ... 

I noticed this issue since version 4.0.3pl1 (I think) .. but it was not existant in 
past versions (4.0.2 ,  etc)


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