I couldn't reproduce this problem. It only happens when you declare the 
sub-class before you declare the base class.
Is this what is happening to you? Or can you send me a very short 
reproducing set of scripts.



At 03:17 AM 3/6/2001 -0800, Richard Lee-Morlang wrote:

>I ran into bug #8565, and after locating it in the database, I see that
>it's marked as analyzed but it hasn't been updated for two months. The
>last comment indicates that it's been left for "Zeev/Andi's attention".
>I tried current CVS and it breaks as well.
>It seems like this would make the parent:: syntax quite useless in many
>situations. PEAR comes to mind. Does anyone know the status of this
>issue, or has it been forgotten?
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