From:             [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Operating system: Solaris 2.6
PHP version:      4.0 Latest CVS (07/03/2001)
PHP Bug Type:     *Install and Config
Bug description:  iPlanet 4.0 SP3 install obj.conf

Seems no matter what version of 4.0.4 (where I started) and up I can not get the 
Netscape/iPlanet Enterprise server 4.0 SP3 to load properly.  We are currently using 
version 3.x in cgi mode and would like it embeded if possible.  I have seen similar 
problems but with no real solution posted.  I will eventually need to add Oracle, 
Mysql, and LDAP modules included but since I couldn't get it to work, I decided to 
limit what was being included in the nsapi module.  I think I have limited it to as 
little as possible.  The following is what I last tried and it still did not work.  If 
I remove the lines from the obj.conf file that references the php module the server 
starts with out a problem.  I also modified the start script to include the 
LD_LIBRARY_PATH additional directories so they should not be the problem.  The Error 
log reports nothing out of the ordinary.

Try a basic configure...  (using hints I found in the bug database - I am assuming the 
following is correct)  

./configure --with-nsapi=/usr/local/netscape/server4 --without-mysql --enable-libgcc 

configure completes no problem.
make... compiles.  Except I notice...
nsapi.c: In function `nsapi_request_dtor':
nsapi.c:440: warning: passing arg 1 of `nsapi_free' discards qualifiers from pointer 
target type
nsapi.c:442: warning: passing arg 1 of `nsapi_free' discards qualifiers from pointer 
target type

I ignore the warnings...

make install... Installs no errors.

Using Administration web port I attempt to start the server but every time it returns 
the following:

[https-phphelpdesk]: start failed. (2: unknown early startup error)
[https-phphelpdesk]: server terminated (signal 6): watchdog is restarting it 
[https-phphelpdesk]: failure: server initialization failed 

An error occurred during startup.
The server https-phphelpdesk was not started.

I would like to use the php module.  Please, if anyone knows any working 
configurations of iPlanet Enterprise Server on Solaris working with PHP 4.x let me 
know how you did it.

Brian Gregg
University of Pittsburgh
University Library System
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

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