On Wed, 7 Mar 2001, Lindsay Haisley wrote:

>Your old website was simply one of the most beautiful and elegant
>combinations of PHP and very nice page design I've ever seen!  I used to
>use it as an example in talks and instruction on HTML design.  Alas, it
>is no more.  While you've possibly packed more information into the new
>design, it lacks the nice little features that made the old site quite
>special and attractive.  Now it's just like any other website :(
>In particular, from the point of view of a PHP programmer, I miss the
>link to quick references on the top page, although I managed to find it
>by searching for "quickref" and have bookmarked the page.  Your top page
>says that it's on the Manuals page, but look as I might I couldn't find
>it there using Netscape for Linux.

My thoughts exactly! I hate that new look. It's..depressing!
I must have missed some discussion about the new web design?
And when was it decided (and by WHO?!) that this new design is ok?

e.g. The font is not Linux-Netscape-friendly and the manual is so
screwed now. Very hard to read. BIGGER fonts please.


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