At 07:12 8/3/2001, André Langhorst wrote:
>I think I am still getting something wrong... ticks are _not_ for 
>simulating "background processing" (once said on the list), because 
>nothing gets forked there and there is no concurrency at no point 
>(unfortunately!), they are simply a way to implement callbacks with ease...
>am I right? everything will be called step by step eg. 4 statements, then 
>1 callback, 3 statements, 1 callback and so on...

Ticks are for simulating background processing, but it's very much like 
cooperative multithreading.  They're not a simple way of creating callbacks 
with ease - they're a way of automatically calling a certain function while 
executing other code.

>A pity, the whole time I thought it would help me to recycle the lost time 
>in external (eg. db) queries and connects and so on...

No, they're not suitable for that, because things like database queries 
block the process, the control doesn't return to the engine, so it can't 
call this tick function...


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