ID: 9223
Updated by: stas
Old-Status: Closed
Status: Analyzed
Bug Type: Recode related
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Better be in 'Analyzed', to know the problem still exists.

Previous Comments:

[2001-03-08 11:46:32] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Seems that this is a recode memory leak, not PHP's. At least
Insure says that recode library is leaking memory all over
the place. You may want to contact recode developers. 


[2001-02-12 05:33:56] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I use the following procedure to recode records that are read in from a dbase file. If 
I run this script for all the 3500 records in the dbase file the apache server process 
uses 150MB of memory.

function recodeDBF($dbfin) {


while( list($key, $inval) = each($dbfin) ) {
    $dbfout[$key]=recode_string("pc..l1",trim($inval)); // A LOT OF MEMORY
    // $dbfout[$key]=trim($inval); // NORMAL MEMORY USAGE
    return $dbfout;


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