I am able to pull up my php3 file on my phone
simulator successfully.  However, when I try to link
to the next php3 file I receive this error "HTML or
Plain text.  Can't compile this..." This isn't very
descriptive, so when I view the source, it gives me
this error:
Content-Type: text/html. Content follows:
<b>Warning</b>:  POST Error: content-type missing in
<b>/test/wmlsite/firstpage.php3</b> on line
<b>Warning</b>:  Cannot add more header information -
the header was already sen
t (header information may be added only before any
output is generated from the
script - check for text or whitespace outside PHP
tags, or calls to functions th
at output text) in
<b>/test/wmlsite/secondpage.php3</b> on line

Each of my php files start like this:
<?php header('content-type: text/vnd.wap.wml');
printf("\n\n\n<?xml version='1.0'?>\n");
1.1//EN' 'http://www.phone.com/dtd/wml11.dtd'>\n");?>
Here's the kicker.  When I pull up the
secondpage.php3, it actually displays with no problem.
 It's only when I link them together.  It's so
bizarre.  I can display each php file individually
just not by linking.  It's as if the output stream of
the firstpage is not getting closed.  Has anyone ever
run into this problem or has any idea on how to fix

Jayme Derr

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