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Bug Type: IIS related
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Not enough info, no feedback, closed.


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[2001-01-28 16:08:21] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Can you provide more information about your setup and see if the access violations 
occur on pages without db access as well pls. Do you have a C compiler so that you can 
make backtraces etc?



[2000-11-01 12:09:01] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Platform: NT server 4.0 SP4 build 1381

PHP: 4.0.3pl1

Problem: Regular access violations, which seem to be random. If I hit Ctr-R to 
refresh, and keep my finger on it to force lotsa refreshes at once, the script works 
as normal. At other times, it works as normal anyway.

I'm using a DB on MS SQL Server 7.0, and there are some pre-existing ASP pages which 
are querying the thing also, so I'm not sure if this will cause a clash. Can you tell 
me if this is an internal PHP problem, or one that's related to NT and SQL Server? NB: 
if I could have used Solaris and MySQL, I would have! ;0)


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