ID: 7918
Updated by: sniper
Status: Feedback
Bug Type: Filesystem function related
Assigned To: venaas

Please try the latest CVS snapshot from


Previous Comments:

[2001-01-07 14:33:57] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
The reason might be that fopen()  doesn't handle redirects. I hope
to add redirect support again though. To check if this is the reason,
check the contents of $http_response_header right after the fopen()
call and see if it contains a redirect.


[2000-12-30 19:51:08] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
No feedback. And this works for me.



[2000-11-22 07:04:06] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Please add complete (but shortest possible) script
to this report which does not work.



[2000-11-21 23:38:12] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
[This is related to bug 7894 which was closed without statement of resolution.  It 
looks to be the same error].

In performing a local installation of Sourceforge 2.0 on Linux Redhat 7.0, the 
following error occurs with the fopen statement of the form:


The file is not opened and subsequent use of the file handles confirm that.

If the url is typed directly into Netscape's Address box it works fine and the 
expected results are returned.

Users on the Sourceforge offsite discussion group report everthing was fine until 
4.03x was installed.

I am using:
Apache 1.3.14
Php 4.0.3pl1 (complied as an apache module)
Linux Redhat 7.0

All configurations were out of the box following the basic install instructions.

php.ini was not modified.


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