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Status: Closed
Bug Type: Compile Failure
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No feedback, considered fixed.


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[2000-12-15 17:19:36] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
What was the configure line you have used?
And if I guessed right, this is fixed (correctly) in the PHP4.0.4RC6
found at: 
so please try it. And if it doesn't work, add your configure line here.



[2000-12-15 17:14:46] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

during compilation of RPM php-4.0.3pl1 for a RedHat 7.0 system, using PDFLib-3.02, I 
noticed this failure during final link :
phpi_get_le_gd not found (in pdf.c)

Here is a patch to correct this (I don't know if it's appropriate):
--- php-4.0.3pl1/ext/pdf/pdf.c.lla      Tue Oct 10 09:42:53 2000
+++ php-4.0.3pl1/ext/pdf/pdf.c  Fri Dec 15 22:34:08 2000
@@ -2506,7 +2506,7 @@
        im = zend_list_find(gid, &type);
-       if (!im || type != phpi_get_le_gd()) {
+       if (!im || type != PDF_GLOBAL(le_pdf_image)) {
                php_error(E_WARNING, "pdf: Unable to find image pointer");


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