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No feedback, not enough info, closed.


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[2000-12-21 05:47:49] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Does it give any error messages? What about error_log?
Could you try using --enable-debug=yes and recompile
and generate a gdb backtrace and it here. 
Have you tried leaving --enable-memory-limit out?



[2000-12-21 02:05:56] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
/usr/local/apache/bin/apachectl start: httpd could not be started, and generates a 

Version of my Sybase ASE is 11.9.2.

Configuration likes following:


sybct.allow_persistent  =       On              ; allow or prevent persistent li
sybct.max_persistent    =       -1              ; maximum number of persistent l
inks. -1 means no limit
sybct.max_links                 =       -1              ; maximum number of link
sybct.min_server_severity       =       12      ; minimum server message severit
y to display
sybct.min_client_severity       =       10      ; minimum client message severit
y to display


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