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Bug Type: OCI8 related
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Also try PHP 4.0.4pl1 if setting the environment vars 
doesn't help.

Closed due missing feedback.


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[2001-01-15 07:28:31] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
You should set the environment variables in the shell before starting Apache NOT with 
PHP's putenv(). 



[2001-01-15 07:20:35] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
hi !

this our very painful problem...

we've been able to use php4.O.0 with Oracle 8i and use OCI functions to insert and 
retrieve datas in Our TAbles..

We can't do it no more, as special chars are transformed badly on insert... maybe 
since we installed PHP 4.01 pl2.

Apache config as been checked as well as Oracle.

with php 4.0.0 the virtual host was configured with an special NLS_LANG env. var set 
to the WE8DEC value... wich seems to be very specific and not so usual...

this value is still registerd but can't resolve the problem.

any other script (perl) from anyother source than our web server ( is 
able to insert proper datas... but our php scripts can't.

we tried to set an environnement variable with php special functions, but it changed 

we're in contact with Oracle support but i'm afraid they won't help us...

is there anyone in your brillant team who will send us a solution ???

thanks for all and patience in uncrypting myvery poor english

cusoon("jl barranger");


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