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No feedback. 

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[2001-02-04 13:07:40] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Please include a gdb backtrace of the crash into this bug report.
Instructions can be found here:

Also, please include a SHORT script which can (without
any DB's or such) used to reproduce the crash.



[2001-01-08 14:01:29] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Could you produce minimal PHP code that reproduces the
problem? 1000 lines of DB-dependant application is pretty
hard to investigate. Also, do you have some non-standard PHP
modules in your application?


[2000-12-26 13:52:18] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Under Linux, memory appears to be corrupted after Alarm object newed/ or call to 
DisplayObject function.  This is part of a large/complex script, around 1000 lines.

  Using BODY debugger, variables having weird stuff in them.  It is like the memory 
manager gets hosed.  I would be willing to give entire script/database configuration 
set to anyone.  The application is GPL'd.  I've got a sample database for MySQL that 
configures and loads as follows:
mysql <mom1create.sql
mysql <testdb.sql

the crash occurs with either of the following:
(command Line)
php mom.c

crash looks like this:
+++++++++++++++++++<BR>walking TestActionArray<BR>+++++++++++++++++++<BR>
<BR><B>Function==CheckTestActionResult(0,0) file /home/httpd/html/mom/momact.c line 
Key 0 not used<BR>
<BR><B>Function==CheckTestActionResult(Object,2) file /home/httpd/html/mom/momact.c 
line 203</B><BR>
key 2 for object Object
For Object 'ActionResult ($ARValue)':<BR>
new action result!<BR>
Creating New Alarm Info Object<BR>
$Alarm was NOT set<BR>
For Object 'ActionResult':<BR>
FATAL:  erealloc():  Unable to allocate 1699901065 bytes           


System is running 128 meg on linux.

  The objects's variables having weird stuff in them is shown in this printout:

printout of web page:

----->defining debug in file /home/httpd/html/mom/mom.c at line 242

Function==MonitorMachines file /home/httpd/html/mom/momact.c line 334
walking MonitoredMachineArray

Function==RunTestAction(0, 0): file /home/httpd/html/mom/momact.c line 139

Function==RunTestAction(Object, 1): file /home/httpd/html/mom/momact.c line 139

Function==RunAction(2,1) file /home/httpd/html/mom/momact.c line 71
Running PHP Command String
$ExecString="echo 'Sendmail is being Tested
Sendmail is being Tested
$ActionID = 2
For Object 'TesActionResult':
ServiceID -> 1
MonitoredMachineID -> 1
Result -> 1
walking TestActionArray

Function==CheckTestActionResult(0,0) file /home/httpd/html/mom/momact.c line 201
Key 0 not used

Function==CheckTestActionResult(Object,2) file /home/httpd/html/mom/momact.c line 201
key 2 for object Object 
For Object 'ActionResult ($ARValue)':
ServiceID -> 1
MonitoredMachineID -> 1
Result -> 1
new action result!
Creating New Alarm Info Object
$Alarm was NOT set
For Object 'ActionResult':
ServiceID -> 1
MonitoredMachineID -> ActionResult
Result -> 1
$ServiceID=1, $MachineID=D?  d[    
ExitNow called from 264 in file /home/httpd/html/mom/momact.c

function DisplayObject(&$Obj,$Name)// crash occurs even when obj //copied by not using 
& in front of $Obj parameter description
   echo "-----------------------<BR>n"; 
   echo "For Object '$Name':<BR>n";
   while ( list($key,$value) = each($Obj) )
      if (gettype($key) == "string")
         echo "$key -> $value<BR>n";
   echo "-----------------------<BR>n"; 

function CheckTestActionResult($ARValue,$ARKey)
   global $MySQLConfig; // the mysql configurationinfo
   global $AlarmType;
   global $StatusType;
   global $Service;
   global $Alarm;
   global $LastActionResult;
   global $LastAlarm;     
   global $TestActionResult;

  if (defined("DEBUG"))
     print("<BR><B>Function==CheckTestActionResult($ARValue,$ARKey) file ".__FILE__." 
line ".__LINE__."</B><BR>n"); 
  if ($ARKey == 0)
   if (defined("DEBUG"))
      echo "Key 0 not used<BR>n";
   if (defined("DEBUG"))
      echo "key $ARKey for object $ARValuen<BR>";

  if (defined("DEBUG"))
   DisplayObject($ARValue,"ActionResult ($ARValue)");
  $DoWork = FALSE;

  if (!isset($LastActionResult["$ARKey"]))
      if (defined("DEBUG"))
         echo "new action result!<BR>n";
      $DoWork = TRUE;//something has changed
      if (defined("DEBUG"))
         echo "Check last action result<BR>n";
      if ($ARValue->Result != $LastActionResult["$ARKey"]->Result)
         $DoWork = TRUE;
         $LastActionResult["$ARKey"] = $ARValue; // save the object

  if ($DoWork)// only do this if something changed
      if (defined("DEBUG"))
         echo "Creating New Alarm Info Object<BR>n";
   $AlarmObj = new AlarmInfoClass;         
   // pick up the status, if it exists
   if (isset($Alarm["$ARKey"]))
      if (defined("DEBUG"))
         echo "$Alarm was set<BR>n";
      $LastAlarm["$ARKey"] = $Alarm["$ARKey"];
      if (defined("DEBUG"))
         echo "$Alarm was NOT set<BR>n";


   $MachineID = $ARValue->MonitoredMachineID;
   $ServiceID = $ARValue->ServiceID;

   if (defined("DEBUG"))
      echo "$ServiceID=$ServiceID, $MachineID=$MachineID<BR>n";


   if ($ARValue->Result == FAIL)
      $ID = $Service["$ServiceID"]->FKStatusIDDefaultFail ;
      $AlarmObj->Type = FAIL;
      $AlarmObj->AlarmState = $Service["$ServiceID"]->FKAlarmIDDefaultFail;
      $ID = $Service["$ServiceID"]->FKStatusIDDefaultSucceed ;
      $AlarmObj->Type = SUCCESS;  
      $AlarmObj->AlarmState = $Service["$ServiceID"]->FKAlarmIDDefaultsucceed;

   $AlarmObj->Status = $ID ; 
   $AlarmObj->MachineID = $MachineID;
   $AlarmObj->New = TRUE; // indicate this is a new set
   $AlarmObj->ID = 0; // not yet stored in database
   $AlarmObj->ServiceID = $ServiceID;   
   $Alarm["$ARKey"]= $AlarmObj;
   unset($AlarmObj); // force freeing of memory



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