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[2001-03-08 08:27:45] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I submitted this bug previous and was told that this is how the new operator is 
supposed to work. I submit to you that in every other instance this makes sense, but 
for self referencing constructs, especially with the new operator, the fact that =new 
is not interpreted as =&new does not make sense whatsoever because why would I want to 
assign a copy of the object I just created, especially if that object opens files? Is 
there EVER a situation where I want to assign ANYTHING other than the object I just 

Thank you.

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Yes, when you do a $obj = new Foo(), the object is copied.
Use =& if you want reference.

Previous Comments:

[2001-02-27 09:16:56] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
class MyClass
  function MyClass()
    global $objectlist;
    // Save the reference for later use

// the object referred to by $myobject is NOT in the array
$myobject = new MyClass();
// $myobject2 exists in the array
$myobject2 =& new MyClass();

It appears that there is an object being copied when returning from the
constructor. What am I doing wrong?

I'm not supposed to return anything from the constuctor.


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