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This has been fixed in CVS and will be part of the PHP 4.0.5 release. Thanks for your 

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[2000-11-29 06:08:09] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I'm using PHP 4.0.3pl1+thttpd to print out a table of users and their details from an 
mSQL database.  However, the page cuts short at random points and fails to display to 
the end.  The database has about 230 entries and will probably grow to over 1000 in 
future.  When I run the exact same script on Apache+PHP 4.0.1pl2 it works fine.  Is 
this a PHP 4.0.3pl1 or a thttpd issue?

A slightly modified script (for security) so that you can replicate the error is here:

The page should end with the user "yellowr" and then a link below the table to "View 
disk space usages".

The snippet of code doing the table generation is:

<table cellpadding="5" bgcolor="Navy">
<tr bgcolor="White"><td><b>User</b></td><td><b>Hosting Option</b></td><td><b>e-mail 
Address</b></td><td> </td></tr>
  // Read in the table of users from the database
  $result=msql("oneshop","select user,hosting,email from users order by user");

  // Output the users and hosting option assigned to them as the first two cells on 
the row
    echo "<tr bgcolor="White"><td nowrap>",msql_result($result,$i,"user"),"</td>n<td 
          case 1: echo "1shop & sub-directory"; break;
          case 2: echo "1shop & own domain"; break;
          case 3: echo "hosted elsewhere"; break;
          default: echo "<b>Error in <i>users.php</i>:</b> Hosting option invalid.";
        echo "</td>n";
        echo "<td nowrap>*****(blanked intentionally)</td>n";

        // Now output radio boxes to offer deletion the user on that row
        echo "<td nowrap><font size="-3"><a 





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