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User feedback:
>./configure --with-mysql --with-apxs

Try adding the path to installed mysql, e.g.:


>> ( )
>what is gdb?
>(i have attached the core-file)

Did you read the page found at the url above?
Please do. And DO NOT send any core files to mailing 
lists!!! And as it says in the end of the notice email:
DO NOT answer to this email with your email client, use
the given url instead.


Previous Comments:

[2001-03-04 15:56:18] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
1. What was the configure line you used to configure PHP ?

2. Is your Apache linked with libpthread ? (ldd httpd)
If not, add -lpthread to the apache-1.3.x/src/Makefile line LIBS1 (in front of the 
other -l's) then do 'make clean;make;make install' for Apache.

3. Create a gdb backtrace of the crash  
( )



[2001-03-04 06:34:25] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
i have compiled the module on a raq2.
when i include the module (just LoadModule...) and restart the apache, i can see a 
core-file in the current directory.
there is no error-message in the logfiles of apache.



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