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Bug Type: *Regular Expressions
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the regex will have to look like the following
^(.{0,99}[^ ]*).*$

the ereg functions seem only to support values > 0 & < 100 for the intervals.
use preg_replace instead of eregi_replace.

Previous Comments:

[2001-03-08 06:59:22] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
$regex = "^(.*{0,300}[^ ]*).*$";

$txt = eregi_replace($regex,"\1",$txt);

This Script was written to split a string after 300 lines and the next whitespace. 

Everytime I use it, it returns the following error:
Warning: REG_BADRPT: in f:wwwtest.php on line 12

(With PHP4.0.4pl1 and PHP3.?.?)

The critical part of the regex is {0,300}
Values from {0,1} to {0,99} are no problem.
But every Values bigger 99 are returning this error.

I tried to split the regex into:
$regex = "^(.*{0,50}.*{0,50}.*{0,50}.*{0,50}.*{0,50}.*{0,50}[^ ]*).*$" 

But with this regex I only get a white page without any output.


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