ID: 9626
User Update by: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Old-Status: Feedback
Status: Open
Bug Type: Sybase-ct (ctlib) related
Description: unable to use sybase-extension

libct.dll, libcs.dll and php4ts.dll are not found. Where can I find these dll's and 
where should I place them?

I'm getting pretty desperate here, so if you have any solutions, I would be very glad.

Trond Straume

Previous Comments:

[2001-03-13 06:18:26] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
can you please download the dependcy walker and check if all external dlls are found?


[2001-03-08 10:51:24] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
When I am trying to connect a sybase-database using the php_sybase_ct.dll module, but 
all I get is a pop-up window telling:

"Unable to load dynamic library './extensions/php_sybase-ct.dll' - The
dynamic library could not be found.".

I have really worked hard on this one. I'm sure that the path is correct spelled in 
php.ini, because the postgreSQL-dll placed in the same directory and it's working out 


Full Bug description available at:

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