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submitted twice

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[2001-03-12 22:17:54] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
That wasn't it... I tried it without passing a constant, and it's still leaking 
memory! So this is an outstanding serious bug with no workaround.


[2001-03-12 22:02:03] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Found the problem.
It only leaks memory, if I pass a CONSTANT from PHP to the COM object.
All I have to do now is rewrite the php so that I'm passing a variable, not a 

Probably this issue can be closed after someone has a look into it.


[2001-03-12 19:56:02] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
This is a new bug that I found.

Memory is leaked when passing string values to String variables in the modular scope 
of the COM object.


COM object has public variable called temp which is of String data type.

I instantiate the COM object and reference it with $t_obj.
I pass a string value from php like this:-

$t_obj->temp = "This is a test string.";

PHP has many other bugs concerning passing values through COM, but this bug is more 
serious because I am only trying to pass String values to the variables directly, 
without having to call a method to pass the values to the variables.


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