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> I'm not sure who's maintaining the sapi/servlet module now... I think it
> might be Alex Akilov.

Alex has left IBM, I believe and is no longer involved. I'm not sure if Sam
Ruby is still involved - have never heard from him.

> I've been looking at the servlet code... and I'm curious in how the servlet
> handles multiple threads ?

I believe it has problems. I've done some fixes which I'd be happy to share
with you. I've submitted them to be checked in a couple times now but have
been ignored (subsequent requests for CVS access have also been ignored). If
you'd like my updates, just tell me.

There are still problems with this sapi, though. You need to build PHP with
debug enabled to get any level of stability. I *think* that enabling the
thread safe extensions also aids the servlet sapi's stablility.

> The servlet has some member variables.... namely..
> Mistake me if I'm wrong.. but won't these variables get corrupted when
> multiple threads are running on the same instance of this servlet?
> As well.. I'm curious in knowing how the zend engine will handle multiple
> threads...

I tried to fix these "shared" variables where I could - I'll look more
closely at these you mentioned to make sure I got them as well. I didn't
want to sacrifice JDK1.1 compatibility, but the easiest approach should
eventually be to use ThreadLocal instance for cases.

> From what I can see of the code (and understand) multiple threads will access
> the same instance of the zend engine.. it this ok?

Yeah, that's the intention. It should be okay since that's what happens on
NT as well. 


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