ID: 9718
User Update by: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Status: Open
Bug Type: COM related
Description: Memory leak when passing String values into methods through COM

Corrections to bug report. Ignore previous example, check with the below example 

I'm actually assigning values from inside a child class in PHP and accessing the COM 
object in the base class.



class Child {
  function Child () {
    $this->obj->testvar = "This is a test string.";

class Base {
  function instance() {
    $this->obj = new COM("MyObject.MyObject");



/ Leaks memory when I assign a string to a public variable (testvar) of COM object 
(obj) from an instance of Child.

Disregard my previous examples as I've tested my COM object with a simple string 
passed as argument to method and it did not leak memory.

I think the above memory leak has something to do with PHP's handling of Object 
Oriented Programming...

Previous Comments:

[2001-03-13 23:22:06] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Bug #9715 is reclassified under this bug.

> Memory leak when passing String value to a static variable in the COM object.
> Memory leak when passing String value as an argument in a method exposed by the COM 

> I use VJ++ to write COM objects, as Java handles its own garbage collection.

Running php 4.0.5-dev ISAPI in IIS 5.0


[2001-03-12 22:18:49] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
That wasn't it... I tried it without passing a constant, and it's still leaking 
memory! So this is an outstanding serious bug with no workaround.


[2001-03-12 21:57:39] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Found the problem.
It only leaks memory, if I pass a CONSTANT from PHP to the COM object.
All I have to do now is rewrite the php so that I'm passing a variable, not a 

Probably this issue can be closed after someone has a look into it.


[2001-03-12 21:48:59] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I added methods to pass String values into the static variables.
Passing String values into method in COM object also leaks memory.


COM object has method test(String a) and a static variable b
The method sets the variable b to a.

In PHP, I execute the COM object's method:

$t_obj->test("This is a test string.");

Memory leak when passing String into COM object.


Full Bug description available at:

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