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Bug Type: Strings related
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<?php echo ucwords("cÚline"); ?> outputs 


on PHP 4.0.5-dev on Win32.

Previous Comments:

[2001-03-14 11:33:31] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
can't reproduce this on unix

what kind of character set (and locale settings)
are you using?

in the ISO character set used by Windows and Unix
"Ú" should be 231 or 232, not 130

the range of 128-160 is undefined in the ISO 8859
character sets and might be treatet as a space
character by windows c-lib so that isspace() which
is used by ucwords returns true?


[2001-03-14 11:18:32] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
echo ucwords("cÚline");



but should output:


The "Ú" (ascii 130) character is one of many accented characters considered valid 
alphabetical lettrs in the French language.


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