ID: 9735
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Old-Status: Feedback
Status: Open
Bug Type: MySQL related
Description: Mysql / IMAP issues

I will try to attach a script soon.  The problem does not seem to happen when a 
smaller script (20 or so lines) runs, but does when larger ones run (~100 lines).  The 
imap server see's no traffic (tcpdump, which makes sense).  I am trying to match it 
specifically down to a situation, but have noticedthe issue with four different 
scripts I have created.  I have switched to a homegrown fsocket approach in the 
meantime.  I can attach the scripts I am having issues with, if needed.  By simply 
switching the mysql_dbconnect and the imap_open()/imap_createmailbox() calls, the 
problem occurs and doesn't occur.

Previous Comments:

[2001-03-13 22:34:01] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Please attach short as possible example script 
into this bug report.



[2001-03-13 22:04:30] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
WHen using imap and mysql modules together, the imap will fail with a "Unable to find 
stream error" anytime that the imap_open is called after a mysql_connect call.  I am 
using rpms, all same version.  If oyu put the imap calls beore the ysql_connect, no 
problem, just in that psecific order.  I can send specific code if needed.

Dan Ellis


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