> Read:  You can now efficiently have your outgoing PHP/HTTP traffic 
> compressed with good compression ratios without sacrificing memory.
> Comments extremely welcome - and if people can also test it and let me 
> know whether it works for them, it'd be great.

Taking your example...
 >>ob_start("ob_gzhandler", 64)            10KB
and if I got this right, The output handler should be called 10 times 
for 640kB file right? If this was the case the following script was 
supposed to end in
(100000*50(total output) / 128 (buffer size) ) * 3 (seconds for sleep)

This is not the case!!! (at least on win32 again)

function strlens($string)    {
     //return str_replace("\n",'<br>',$string);
     return $string;

echo str_repeat($x,50);

I tried to find some code to test if I get the stuff chunked or not, I 
do know other way, is there any?


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