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For me, doing addslashes and then stripslashes on the
string, it comes out exactly as it was. Please provide
example of the code where it doesn't work.

Previous Comments:

[2001-02-08 03:50:05] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
when using preg_replace all seems like addslashes had been processed on the string 
found in \1 so if the programmer had already did addslashes on the string before 
preg_replace he gets \1 after double addslashes which results in strings " change to 
this might confuse users, and it might be added to the manual that all strings 
transfered to \1 are escape (addslashes) by default.


[2001-02-07 12:40:07] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
when doing addslashes() to a string and then doing stripslashes() doesn't remove all 
occurance of single or double qoutes.
this is the string :



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