This is extremely reproducible. Definitely a show stopper until Zeev fixes 
this one.


At 01:38 AM 3/14/2001 +0100, André Langhorst wrote:
>Hi Zeev,
>chunked output buffering seems to work on Linux. Unfortunately several 
>things do not work (anymore) on win32 (tested CGI):
>Using ob_start([internal_function]) eg. strlen(),nl2br()etc. yield in 
>no-output, while using a simple user-land wrapper works.
>2) this crashes:
>function strlens($string)    {
>     return $string; }
>     ob_start('strlens');
>echo str_repeat('test',5500);
>3) for all specified values for chunked output buffering the buffer grew 
>up to 10x of its original size (tested with user-land strlen wrapper)
>several values
>for several values it crashed immediately (eg.2)
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