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Status: Open
Bug Type: ODBC related
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No user feedback, considered fixed in current.  If untrue, please reopen the bug...

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[2001-01-17 09:36:14] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
The first part of this bug (SQLINTEGER section) should now be set in the PHP4.0.4pl1, 
please try the latest builds and see if this action continues for you.  


[2001-01-09 04:26:45] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Complied version 4.0.4 with openlink support. I had a problem in the compile with 
SQLINTEGER not defined error message. Followed the following from phpbuilder as a 
I've post a message in's bug database and they have analysised and assigned to 
some guy named Zeev. I think it should be resolved already or in near future. 

There is a temp workaround: 

search for "SQLINTEGER len;" string in /ext/odbc/php_odbc.c file in php4 source 
directory and replace it with "SDWORD len;" 

happy with your compiling! 


This compiles ok, but when trying to retrieve data, the wrong records are returned.

e.g. If a table contains the following values. Primary Key is Firstname,Surname.

Firstname     Surname
Fred          Smith
Fred          Jones
Bill          Bloggs
Bill          Brown

Querying the table for all values will return

Fred Smith
Fred Smith
Bill Bloggs
Bill Bloggs

Testing the odbc connection with odbctest program from openlink yields the correct 

I then compiled PHP 3.0.18, and the problem is fixed here.  Therefore the bug does not 
exist in 3.0.18, but does in 4.0.4.

Nb My database is Oracle 8.0.5


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