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Bug Type: Documentation problem
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brasilian translation is at the very beginning, see for example
for current translation status

there are no distinct manuals for php 3 and 4, there
is jsut one ongoing effort to create a complete manual
that covers both versions

regarding the upload patches: php 4 is the active 
developement branch, php 3 nowadays gets only bugfixes
backporting theese to older version of things is rather
common, see for example the linux kernel that currently
has version 2.4 but still maintains 2.2 and even 2.0 series

for your apache: you have to tell your server that .php
should be treatet as html, otherwise it is an unknown
filetype and is transfered as such

Previous Comments:

[2001-03-11 22:48:14] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
theres no "webmaster email" in this site, so im sending it as a documentation bug 

first, i went to the documentation section and downloaded the PDF version of the 
Brazillian portuguese documentation...and i received the english one! then it was for 
php 3 not version 4...

second, in the news of this site... theres a "PHP 3.0.18 Released" note that says it 
has "fixes for file uploads and a backported imagetypes() function from PHP 4.0".. how 
come a version have fix for another version ?!?!? im confuse

and since im here... any ideia why every time i uncoment the apache conf line that 
associate .php to php4  the browser stops to treat .php file as an html document and 
try to download it?



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