ID: 9699
Updated by: sniper
Old-Status: Open
Status: Closed
Bug Type: HTTP related
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Can't reproduce. Try latest CVS build from


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[2001-03-12 06:12:15] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
This bug affects how variables are parsed from the URL, in instances when the header() 
function is used to forward the browser. Eg. if the following code was used in a 

header("Location: index.php?variable=blah")

Then index.php would be parsed and PHP would assign $variable == blah. However, if the 
user adds a HTML anchor reference onto the end, eg:

header("Location: index.php?variable=blah#1")

Then the web browser would still parse it fine, but PHP will assign $variable == 
blah#1. If the user refreshes the browser window (eg., the location header isn't being 
used to laod the script) then it works fine, so this bug is limtied to the header() 
function only.


The script writer can add an & before the # character in the URL, eg:



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