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The paragraph you quote only refers to the time of reinstantiating variables.  
Registering a session variable does not cause $HTTP_SESSION_VARS["foo"] and $foo to 
become associated in any way.

Previous Comments:

[2000-11-12 20:28:21] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Apache/1.3.14 (Unix) PHP/4.0.3pl1
# "If both track_vars and register_globals are enabled, then the globals variables and 
the $HTTP_SESSION_VARS entries will reference the same value." - PHP Manual.
# In the next example $HTTP_SESSION_VARS[xyzzy] can only be read, if it's written, the 
new value is lost, it doesn't get saved through requests.
# Besides that, setting $xyzzy to something isn't reflected in its $HTTP_SESSION_VARS 
counterpart until the next request.

$HTTP_SESSION_VARS[xyzzy] = 'nothing';
$xyzzy = 'something';
# Here, $HTTP_SESSION_VARS[xyzzy] is equal to 'nothing'.
$HTTP_SESSION_VARS[xyzzy] = 'somethingelse';
# Here, $HTTP_SESSION_VARS[xyzzy] is equal to 'somethingelse'.

# At the next request, $HTTP_SESSION_VARS[xyzzy] will be equal to 'something'.


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