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change in behavior already documented in manual.

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[2000-11-26 04:01:25] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
May I ask why this change was made?

I was wondering if you could help us find an alternate way -- we couldn't find one -- 
so please share the knowledge with those who couldn't find it easily like you! ;-)

Nonetheless, I can't imagine why functionality like what we're interested in isn't 
available in PHP. It seems like pretty basic stuff...



[2000-11-25 09:38:06] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
This is in fact a documentation issue.
PHP 4.0 changed the behavior of require(), and each separate file must now be parsable 
by itself.  It's a result of a fundemental change that took place between PHP 3 and 4, 
and this behavior will remain as is...

You'd have to find an alternative way of doing what you want (which should be fairly 

Doc team:  The documentation for require() is no longer close to being accurate for 
PHP 4.0 in general, and PHP 4.0.2&later in particular...  It's basically just like 
include() today, except it can't fail, and would bail out if it does.


[2000-11-20 05:31:18] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

<? require "header.php3"; ?>

sid is set

<? require "footer.php3"; ?>


        if (isset($sid))



                echo "sid not set";


[2000-11-20 05:28:02] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
This is not a documentation issue. Read this again before you respond so quickly.


[2000-11-09 09:52:30] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Please read this manual page carefully:


Changed to Documentation problem as I couldn't 
find the incompatibilities list (for PHP 3 vs. PHP 4)
from the manual.



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