At 16:14 17.03.2001 +0000, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>ID: 9808
>Updated by: derick
>Status: Open
>Old-Bug Type: Strings related
>Bug Type: Feature/Change Request
>Assigned To:
> From the manual:
>crypt() will return an encrypted string using the standard Unix DES
>encryption method.
>It only works on Unix, so moving to a feature request

the offical binarys should be compiled with crypt() as well. atleast i 
think i've done it in every release, maybe i missed it in pl1...
you'll just need to define HAVE_CRYPT & HAVE_CRYPT_H. i've put up an 
libcrypt port at


daniel beulshausen - [EMAIL PROTECTED]
using php on windows?

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