today i made something crazy - even i didn't believe it will do but i made
it through and i want to hear your opinion...

i am getting pissed from writing c code in one of our client's radius
servers and decided to ease the whole process, put it under control and make
the auth/account logic more maintainable...

i have started a sapi module for the xtradius server (www.xtradius.com) and
got something near working copy. the concept is clean - radiusd passes envp
style attributes to the sapi module, then all of them translate into a http
get like request. script output is parsed by the radius server against its
disctionary. xtradius forks on requests so there is no thread safety stuff.
the only problem is how to integrate into its code - there is neighter api
nor modules. a patch file will do but only for the current and near

i could use perl or cmdline php but with the sapi i save one fork per
request, one exec and php image loading...

still not sure,

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