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Bug Type: Filesystem function related
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Duplicate of #6554


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[2001-03-17 23:30:20] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
using latest exe from
php cannot open network shares like
include( '\\computer\c$\php4\include\template.php' );
include( '\computerc$php4includetemplate.php' );
include( '//computer/c$/php4/include/template.php' );
include( '\\computerc$/php4/include/template.php' );

nothing seems to work.

even with no include_path set...

i searched through the source to find how include calls fopen to see if i could offer 
any advice... i ran out of time when i was working on it, so i thought i might add a 
note here about it.  

there are so many layers of code involved in the fopen process... 

thank you so much for all of your time and work !  php is the greatest :)


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