Chris Newbill writes:

> This would not be a bad idea IMHO and I would use it for some things.
> The functionality would be inclusive not exclusive.  So
> isset($var1, $var2,
> $var3) would only return true if $var1, $var2, and $var3 are set and false
> otherwise.
> So If I had a form passing $name, $email, $phone:
> example #1
> if (isSet($name, $email, $phone))
>    // ALL GOOD
> Instead of
> example #2
> if ((isSet($name)) &&
>     (isSet($email)) &&
>     (isSet($phone)))
>     // ALL GOOD
> Granted if one variable wasn't set, then you might run into some minor
> issues if you want to figure out which one is not set.  But that is the
> developers choice. :)
> It wouldn't break existing functionality, seems simple enough to implement
> (although my karma is limited to doc's so someone else would have
> to do it),
> and would make some people happy.  That seems to be reason enough
> to do it.
> Just my 2 cents.

It would be handy. If you are willing and able to do
stuff like this, maybe a request for additional karma
would be in order.

Mike Robinson

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