I'm not too familiar with Tuxedo but the first step would be for you to 
actually write a PHP module which interfaces with Tuxedo. Once you're done 
with it/tested it and you feel it's worth putting into PHP we can open you 
a CVS account.
I don't think there are many people who will need this kind of module but I 
might be wrong. In any case, once we create a repository for modules which 
live outside the PHP CVS we could then move it there.


At 08:29 PM 3/18/2001 -0600, Brian Foddy wrote:
>Some months back I inquired about writing a BEA Tuxedo module for PHP.
>I got side-tracked for a while, but now I'd like to resume exploring this 
>Primarily, because I'd like to use this module myself, but also feel it 
>would be
>a natural match to an environment like PHP on a web server.  First obvious
>question is is anyone working on a Tuxedo hook?  If not, I'd like
>to volunteer.
>For those not familiar with Tuxedo, its a high-end transaction middleware
>Client/Server environment used in many larger corporate 
>environments.  Reference
>for a good starting point.
>My thoughts are that PHP should have the ability to be a Tuxedo client,
>so it can call Tux services elsewhere in a Tux environment.  These services
>can be located on the same machine, one other machine, numerous
>other machines, even mainframes.  Ideally, all seemlessly called.
>It would call services in much the same way PHP calls a service from a 
>I would only propose a web/PHP server be a client to Tuxedo.  I can't
>imagine how a Tux server would even technically be incorporated into PHP.
>So, where to start???  I've looked through some of the code for other external
>modules.  Sybase_ct for instance which is another environment I'm familiar 
>Tuxedo has numerous API calls, but most of them aren't used for clients, so
>I don't think there would be many new functions.  A basic Tux client can be
>written with as few as 6 API functions.  It does require some similar 
>concepts as databases, and also has its own memory allocation / free functions
>(tpalloc, tpfree).
>My personal resume includes 8+ years of UNIX, C, and database development
>mostly on Solaris, Linux, Sybase, and Informix.
>I feel I should be technically able to complete this type of project.
>I've read the apidoc.txt and apidoc-zend.txt files, but seems there are 
>still some
>holes.  Can anyone suggest the best way to get started?
>Much appreciated,
>Brian Foddy
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