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This is not a bug, please read and as these 
pages clearly explain how it all works.

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[2001-03-19 04:10:41] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Hello, i'm a Software Eng. and doing a research on PHP and MYSQL , but i have 2 

1- in a .php page i'm including common.php

and do some processing in that page..but what happens when i open the browser on that 
page is that the common.php is not processed,,,while on the contrary if i place the 
common.php code instead of the include it will what is the problem...

2- i'm afraid that each call to a .php page will open a new process (.exe) and not a 
thread ...
so can you tell me am i right or wrong and how to make it dll work....(threads)

Best Regards
Mohannad Salam


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