Hello ppl,

 I have a dropdown menu which lists some countries. These countries are
also in a database and each of them have an ID number used for control.
 Well, when I insert an entry for each of the countries in the database,
the next time I click on the dropdown this country must not appear
again. For this, I use preg_grep($country, $country_list) where
$country is the current country code and $country_list is the array of
already known country codes.
 The problem is(I'm gonna show it by the country codes): I have
 1, 2, 3, 4...12 countries
 Then I insert firstly the 12th. When the script executes the preg_grep
next time I'll get 3, 4...11. Well, it kicked away my 1 and 2 just
because of 12. 
 Is this a normal behavior???
 Sorry for the dazed text and thanx,


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