Mozilla currently is in its QA phase for 0.8.1 and could benefit from 
the variety of systems and OSses php developers run, I guess.

Anyone who already uses mozilla or wants to help an open-source project 
in a (close-to-)final stage, should check out one or more builds (daily 
snapshots) from

If you encounter any problems, look if bugzilla knows them already (be 
sure to read the notes how to create a bug report) and if not file a new 
You can use this form to create a bug:

I plan to post this again at least 2 times (until 1.0 is out) in the 
next 2,5 months (mozilla has 5 week cycles) to remind to test the 0.9 
and 1.0(maybe 0.9.1) RCs. If you think this is a bad idea respond to me 


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