Thank you for your quick response,

May I suggest to, in future updates, implement this feature in a
different syntax, for example 0c instead of 0 for Octals, because I
think a number starting with a zero, the zero should be ignored as in
most languages.

Kind regards,

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This is indeed a feature. You can strip the null from the

resulting string later, bu you have to do that by hand.

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[2001-03-20 18:38:19] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Hi there,

I don't know if this is a bug, but while writing a form to enter lap
times like: hours,minutes,seconds,milliseconds

milliseconds are likeley to start with a 0 (zero).

Now I found that this results in the Decimal value of the Octal-integer.

for example:

035 will be represented as: 29

Is this a bug or hidden feature? If this is not a bug, then is there any
other way to pass a decimal value starting with a 0 (zero)?

Kind regards,

Koen Antonissen


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