ID: 9746
Updated by: romolo
Status: Open
Bug Type: PostgreSQL related
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Try current CVS release, at lest in my case the bug seem to be solved.
The problem appeared to be in the close function as it was closing first the specified 
connection and than the default one (that in the case of same connection ID are 
exactly the same) so that the 2nd unwilled close was really closing the connection and 
not just removing a ref to it.

Previous Comments:

[2001-03-14 16:38:02] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Try latest CVS snapshot from
as this should be fixed.



[2001-03-14 15:37:28] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I tried with php4-200103141145; still as described above.


[2001-03-14 16:21:41] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I recall this coming up before, but I can't find it in the list of open or closed 
postgres bugs.

It appears as though PHP is using the arguments to pg_connect to uniquely identify 
connections. For example:

 $dba = pg_connect("user=foo pass=bar dbname=baz");
 $dbb = pg_connect("user=foo pass=bar dbname=baz");
 # $dbb is closed now too

Were one to use $dbb at this point, one would see

PHP Warning:  1 is not a valid PostgreSQL link resource in [file] at [line].


 $dba = pg_connect("user=foo pass=bar dbname=baz");
 $dbb = pg_connect("pass=bar user=foo dbname=baz");
 # $dbb is still open


 $dba = pg_connect("user=foo pass=bar dbname=baz");
 $dbb = pg_connect("user=foo pass=bar dbname=baz    ");
 # $dbb is still open

The bug doesn't require that the handle be closed explicitly; I discovered it here 
where one of our programmers was having connections close when one fell out of scope.

I tried moving back to PHP 4.0.2 but the bug's there too (so it doesn't look to be a 
regression problem); on the other hand, a DEC Alpha running Digital Unix 4.0e and PHP 
4.0.2 does *not* exhibit this behaviour.

If you're unable to duplicate it, please get in touch with me, and I'll see if I can 
make arrangements for a testing environment. I'll poke through the code myself for 
something obvious, but I'm unfamiliar with PHP internals in the first place (up to 
now, at least).


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