I had a problem compiling sockets.c on sunos 5.7. After looking at socket.h
on sunos5.7 I saw the _XPG4_2 define that needed to be added, so I did that,
it turned up more errors though....

I looked at sockets.c in cvs and saw the extra __EXTENSIONS__ define, added
that, still the same....

Then I noticed why it happened, its because the _XPG4_2 define changes the
function names for listen and such, thus causing sockets.c to call the php
internal functions differently than php_sockets.h does.

I am not very familiar with the development of php, but I fixed it by simply
moving types.h and sockets.h above the includes for php_sockets.h and such.
This fixed the compile bug, but is probably not a very nice fix..

Just wanted to let you know of my experience....

If you have any questions, let me know by email, I am not on the list...

Fabian Thylmann
STATSnet sprl

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