From:             [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Operating system: Linux - arm - netwinder (redhat variant)
PHP version:      4.0.4pl1
PHP Bug Type:     Compile Problem
Bug description:  Can not create shared libraries

When attempting to compile php4.0p11 for our netwinder (which is an arm based server 
running a variant of RedHat see for more info) I am running into 
consistant difficulties in compiling and linking. If I attempt to build using:

./configure --without-mysql --with-apxs 

the make appears to work - but the subsequent make install does NOT create any shared 

Using a wide array of other options does NOT seem to solve these problems -though some 
options to the configure will move the error to the: make .

Your help is much appreciated!

Here are the contents of my config.log file.

----- config.log ------

This file contains any messages produced by compilers while
running configure, to aid debugging if configure makes a mistake.

configure:1299: checking for a BSD compatible install
configure:1352: checking whether build environment is sane
configure:1409: checking whether make sets ${MAKE}
configure:1448: checking for working aclocal
configure:1461: checking for working autoconf
configure:1474: checking for working automake
configure:1487: checking for working autoheader
configure:1500: checking for working makeinfo
configure:1530: checking whether to enable maintainer-specific portions of Makefiles
configure:1559: checking host system type
configure:1587: checking for gawk
configure:1621: checking for bison
configure:1655: checking bison version
configure:1668: checking for gcc
configure:1781: checking whether the C compiler (gcc  ) works
configure:1797: gcc -o conftest    conftest.c  1>&5
configure:1823: checking whether the C compiler (gcc  ) is a cross-compiler
configure:1828: checking whether we are using GNU C
configure:1856: checking whether gcc accepts -g
configure:1888: checking how to run the C preprocessor
configure:1968: checking for AIX
configure:2013: checking for gcc option to accept ANSI C
configure:2093: checking for ranlib
configure:2122: checking whether gcc and cc understand -c and -o together
configure:2173: checking whether ln -s works
configure:2200: checking for flex
configure:2233: checking for flex
configure:2267: checking for yywrap in -lfl
configure:2309: checking lex output file root
configure:2330: checking whether yytext is a pointer
configure:2372: checking for working const
configure:2543: gcc -o conftest -g -O2 -pthread   conftest.c  1>&5
configure:2563: checking for pthreads_cflags
configure:2625: checking for pthreads_lib
configure:2722: checking for AOLserver support
configure:2796: checking for Apache module support via DSO through APXS
configure:3127: checking for mod_charset compatibility option
configure:3197: checking for Apache 2.0 module support via DSO through APXS
configure:3324: checking for Caudium support
configure:3600: checking for fhttpd module support
configure:3645: checking for Zeus ISAPI support
configure:3707: checking for NSAPI support
configure:3786: checking for PHTTPD support
configure:3847: checking for Pi3Web Support
configure:4025: checking for Roxen/Pike support
configure:4127: checking for Servlet support
configure:4254: checking for thttpd
configure:4260: checking for chosen SAPI module
configure:4309: checking for missing declarations of reentrant functions
configure:4318: gcc -c -g -O2  -DLINUX=2 -DUSE_EXPAT conftest.c 1>&5
configure:4343: gcc -c -g -O2  -DLINUX=2 -DUSE_EXPAT conftest.c 1>&5
configure:4368: gcc -c -g -O2  -DLINUX=2 -DUSE_EXPAT conftest.c 1>&5
configure:4393: gcc -c -g -O2  -DLINUX=2 -DUSE_EXPAT conftest.c 1>&5
configure:4418: gcc -c -g -O2  -DLINUX=2 -DUSE_EXPAT conftest.c 1>&5
configure:4439: checking whether compiler supports -R
configure:4472: checking whether compiler supports -Wl,-rpath,
configure:4512: checking for sendmail
configure:4555: checking whether system uses EBCDIC
configure:4610: checking for socket in -lsocket
configure:4665: checking for htonl in -lsocket
configure:4723: checking for yp_get_default_domain
configure:4751: gcc -o conftest -g -O2  -DLINUX=2 -DUSE_EXPAT  conftest.c  1>&5
/tmp/ccZS3s3d.o: In function `main':
/home/shannon/Apachetoolbox-1.5.18/src/php-4.0.4pl1/configure(.text+0xc): undefined 
reference to `yp_get_default_domain'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
configure: failed program was:
#line 4728 "configure"
#include "confdefs.h"
/* System header to define __stub macros and hopefully few prototypes,
    which can conflict with char yp_get_default_domain(); below.  */
#include <assert.h>
/* Override any gcc2 internal prototype to avoid an error.  */
/* We use char because int might match the return type of a gcc2
    builtin and then its argument prototype would still apply.  */
char yp_get_default_domain();

int main() {

/* The GNU C library defines this for functions which it implements
    to always fail with ENOSYS.  Some functions are actually named
    something starting with __ and the normal name is an alias.  */
#if defined (__stub_yp_get_default_domain) || defined (__stub___yp_get_default_domain)
choke me

; return 0; }
configure:4776: checking for gethostname in -lnsl
configure:4893: checking for crypt in -lcrypt
configure:4950: checking for dlopen in -ldl
configure:5002: checking for sin in -lm
configure:5050: checking for inet_aton in -lbind
configure:5107: checking for inet_aton in -lresolv
configure:5155: checking for res_search in -lsocket
configure:5293: checking for res_search in -lresolv
configure:5439: checking for ANSI C header files
configure:5549: checking for dirent.h that defines DIR
configure:5587: checking for opendir in -ldir
configure:5713: checking for fclose declaration
configure:5722: gcc -c -g -O2  -DLINUX=2 -DUSE_EXPAT conftest.c 1>&5
configure:5777: checking for alloca.h
configure:5777: checking for arpa/inet.h
configure:5777: checking for crypt.h
configure:5777: checking for fcntl.h
configure:5777: checking for grp.h
configure:5777: checking for limits.h
configure:5777: checking for locale.h
configure:5777: checking for netinet/in.h
configure:5777: checking for pwd.h
configure:5777: checking for signal.h
configure:5777: checking for stdarg.h
configure:5777: checking for stdlib.h
configure:5777: checking for string.h
configure:5777: checking for syslog.h
configure:5777: checking for sys/file.h
configure:5777: checking for sys/mman.h
configure:5777: checking for sys/resource.h
configure:5777: checking for sys/select.h
configure:5777: checking for sys/socket.h
configure:5777: checking for sys/statfs.h
configure:5777: checking for sys/statvfs.h
configure:5777: checking for sys/time.h
configure:5777: checking for sys/types.h
configure:5777: checking for sys/varargs.h
configure:5777: checking for sys/wait.h
configure:5777: checking for unistd.h
configure:5777: checking for unix.h
configure:5777: checking for utime.h
configure:5815: checking whether struct tm is in sys/time.h or time.h
configure:5849: checking for tm_zone in struct tm
configure:5921: checking for tm_gmtoff in struct tm
configure:5957: checking for struct flock
configure:5999: checking for socklen_t
configure:6042: checking size of long
configure:6081: checking size of int
configure:6155: checking for st_blksize in struct stat
configure:6190: checking for st_blocks in struct stat
configure:6230: checking for st_rdev in struct stat
configure:6265: checking for size_t
configure:6298: checking for uid_t in sys/types.h
configure:6333: checking for IPv6 support
configure:6367: checking for vprintf
configure:6524: checking for asctime_r
configure:6524: checking for crypt
configure:6524: checking for ctime_r
configure:6524: checking for cuserid
configure:6524: checking for flock
configure:6524: checking for gcvt
configure:6524: checking for getlogin
configure:6524: checking for gethostbyaddr
configure:6524: checking for getrusage
configure:6524: checking for gettimeofday
configure:6524: checking for gmtime_r
configure:6524: checking for inet_aton
configure:6524: checking for isascii
configure:6524: checking for link
configure:6524: checking for localtime_r
configure:6524: checking for lockf
configure:6524: checking for lrand48
configure:6524: checking for memcpy
configure:6524: checking for memmove
configure:6524: checking for mkstemp
configure:6524: checking for mmap
configure:6524: checking for putenv
configure:6524: checking for random
configure:6524: checking for rand_r
configure:6524: checking for regcomp
configure:6524: checking for setitimer
configure:6524: checking for setlocale
configure:6524: checking for setsockopt
configure:6524: checking for setvbuf
configure:6524: checking for shutdown
configure:6524: checking for sin
configure:6524: checking for snprintf
configure:6524: checking for srand48
configure:6524: checking for srandom
configure:6524: checking for statfs
configure:6524: checking for statvfs
configure:6524: checking for std_syslog
configure:6524: checking for strcasecmp
configure:6524: checking for strdup
configure:6524: checking for strerror
configure:6524: checking for strftime
configure:6524: checking for strstr
configure:6524: checking for strtok_r
configure:6524: checking for symlink
configure:6524: checking for tempnam
configure:6524: checking for tzset
configure:6524: checking for unsetenv
configure:6524: checking for usleep
configure:6524: checking for utime
configure:6524: checking for vsnprintf
configure:6578: checking for getaddrinfo
configure:6613: checking for strlcat
configure:6613: checking for strlcpy
configure:6613: checking for getopt
configure:6668: checking whether utime accepts a null argument
configure:6715: checking for working alloca.h
configure:6748: checking for alloca
configure:6948: checking whether sprintf is broken
configure:6997: checking for declared timezone
configure:7044: checking for type of reentrant time-related functions
configure:7103: checking for readdir_r
configure:7153: checking for type of readdir_r
configure:7292: checking whether to use a configuration file
configure:7361: checking whether to include debugging symbols
configure:7417: checking whether to enable safe mode by default
configure:7472: checking for safe mode exec dir
configure:7513: checking for OpenSSL support
configure:7697: checking whether to enable PHP's own SIGCHLD handler
configure:7754: checking whether to enable magic quotes by default
configure:7811: checking whether to enable runpaths
configure:7856: checking whether to explicitly link against libgcc
configure:7957: checking whether to enable short tags by default
configure:8015: checking whether to enable PIC for shared objects
configure:8061: checking whether to enable dmalloc
configure:8126: checking whether to install PEAR
configure:8196: checking for ASPELL support
configure:8445: checking for bc style precision math functions
configure:8747: checking for BZip2 support
configure:9080: checking whether to enable calendar conversion support
configure:9266: checking CCVS Support
configure:9506: checking whether to include cpdflib support
configure:10257: checking whether to enable ctype support
configure:10445: checking for CURL support
configure:10778: checking for CyberCash support
configure:11062: checking whether to enable DAV support through mod_dav
configure:11244: checking whether to include old xDBM support
configure:11785: checking whether to enable DBA
configure:12038: checking for GDBM support
configure:12272: checking for NDBM support
configure:12520: checking for Berkeley DB2 support
configure:12751: checking for Berkeley DB3 support
configure:12974: checking for DBM support
configure:13197: checking for CDB support
configure:13209: checking whether to enable DBA interface
configure:13375: checking whether to enable the bundled dbase library
configure:13565: checking for DOM support
configure:14070: checking whether to enable exif support
configure:14258: checking for fdftk support
configure:14643: checking whether to enable the bundled filePro support
configure:14833: checking whether to add fribidi support
configure:15227: checking whether to enable FTP support
configure:15421: checking whether to enable truetype string function in gd
configure:17388: checking whether to include GNU gettext support
configure:17808: checking for gmp support
configure:18084: checking for Hyperwave support
configure:18253: checking for ICAP support
configure:18573: checking for Kerberos support in IMAP
configure:18626: checking for SSL support in IMAP
configure:18679: checking for IMAP support
configure:19327: checking for Informix support
configure:19830: checking for Ingres II support
configure:20257: checking for InterBase support
configure:20576: checking for ircg support
configure:20854: checking for Java support
configure:21290: checking whether to include LDAP support
configure:22555: checking for MCAL support
configure:22914: checking for mcrypt support
configure:23357: checking for mhash support
configure:23683: checking for mSQL support
configure:24081: checking for MySQL support
configure:25711: checking for Oracle-OCI8 support
configure:26664: checking for Adabas support
configure:26833: checking for SAP DB support
configure:26947: checking for Solid support
configure:27062: checking for IBM DB2 support
configure:27099: checking for Empress support
configure:27142: checking for Velocis support
configure:27183: checking for a custom ODBC support
configure:27217: checking for iODBC support
configure:27324: checking for Easysoft ODBC-ODBC Bridge support
configure:27358: checking for unixODBC support
configure:27392: checking for OpenLink ODBC support
configure:27426: checking for DBMaker support
configure:27907: checking for Oracle-ORACLE support
configure:32744: checking for Ovrimos SQL Server support
configure:33113: checking whether to include PCRE support
configure:33528: checking for memmove
configure:33582: checking whether to include Pdflib 3.x support
configure:34812: checking whether to include Verisign Payflow Pro support
configure:35159: checking for PostgreSQL support
configure:35646: checking whether to include POSIX-like functions
configure:35832: checking for seteuid
configure:35832: checking for setegid
configure:35832: checking for setsid
configure:35832: checking for getsid
configure:35832: checking for setpgid
configure:35832: checking for ctermid
configure:35832: checking for mkfifo
configure:35832: checking for getrlimit
configure:35890: checking whether to include pspell support
configure:36217: checking whether to include QDOM support
configure:36650: checking for readline support
configure:37340: checking for recode support
configure:37794: checking for Sablotron XSL support
configure:38153: checking whether to enable CORBA support via Satellite
configure:38469: checking for mm support
configure:38514: checking whether to enable transparent session id propagation
configure:38559: checking whether to enable session support
configure:38894: checking whether to enable shmop support
configure:39083: checking for SNMP support
configure:39684: checking whether to enable UCD SNMP hack
configure:39714: checking whether to enable sockets support
configure:40129: checking for dlopen
configure:40181: checking for pam_start in -lpam
configure:40229: checking for getcwd
configure:40229: checking for getwd
configure:40285: checking for standard DES crypt
configure:40342: checking for extended DES crypt
configure:40399: checking for MD5 crypt
configure:40494: checking for Blowfish crypt
configure:40725: checking for libswf support
configure:41060: checking for Sybase support
configure:41513: checking for Sybase-CT support
configure:41960: checking whether to enable System V semaphore support
configure:42194: checking whether to enable System V shared memory support
configure:42382: checking whether to enable WDDX support
configure:42581: checking whether byte ordering is bigendian
configure:42680: checking for XML support
configure:43091: checking for YAZ support
configure:43441: checking whether to include YP support
configure:43638: checking whether to include zlib support
configure:44134: checking whether to include zziplib support
configure:44632: checking whether to enable versioning
configure:44700: checking which regex library to use
configure:44735: checking bison version
configure:44766: checking for limits.h
configure:44766: checking for malloc.h
configure:44766: checking for string.h
configure:44766: checking for unistd.h
configure:44766: checking for stdarg.h
configure:44766: checking for sys/types.h
configure:44766: checking for signal.h
configure:44766: checking for unix.h
configure:44766: checking for dlfcn.h
configure:44804: checking for size_t
configure:44837: checking return type of signal handlers
configure:44879: checking for dlopen in -ldl
configure:44919: checking for dlopen
configure:44971: checking for uint
configure:45004: checking for ulong
configure:45039: checking for vprintf
configure:45144: checking for 8-bit clean memcmp
configure:45182: checking for working alloca.h
configure:45215: checking for alloca
configure:45416: checking for memcpy
configure:45416: checking for strdup
configure:45416: checking for getpid
configure:45416: checking for kill
configure:45416: checking for strtod
configure:45416: checking for strtol
configure:45416: checking for finite
configure:45470: checking whether sprintf is broken
configure:45519: checking for finite
configure:45519: checking for isfinite
configure:45519: checking for isinf
configure:45519: checking for isnan
configure:45574: checking whether fp_except is defined
configure:45661: checking whether to enable experimental ZTS
configure:45665: checking whether to enable inline optimization for GCC
configure:45669: checking whether to enable a memory limit
configure:45673: checking whether to enable Zend debugging
configure:46270: checking for inline
configure:46348: checking for stdarg.h
configure:47004: checking build system type
configure:47033: checking for ld used by GCC
configure:47095: checking if the linker (/usr/bin/ld) is GNU ld
configure:47111: checking for BSD-compatible nm
ltconfig:603: checking for object suffix
ltconfig:604: gcc -c -g -O2  -DLINUX=2 -DUSE_EXPAT -DXML_BYTE_ORDER=12 conftest.c 1>&5
ltconfig:776: checking if gcc PIC flag -fPIC works
ltconfig:777: gcc -c -g -O2 -fPIC -DPIC  -DLINUX=2 -DUSE_EXPAT -DXML_BYTE_ORDER=12 
conftest.c 1>&5
ltconfig:829: checking if gcc supports -c -o file.o
ltconfig:830: gcc -c -g -O2 -o out/conftest2.o  -DLINUX=2 -DUSE_EXPAT 
-DXML_BYTE_ORDER=12 conftest.c 1>&5
ltconfig:862: checking if gcc supports -c -o file.lo
ltconfig:863: gcc -c -g -O2 -c -o conftest.lo  -DLINUX=2 -DUSE_EXPAT 
-DXML_BYTE_ORDER=12 conftest.c 1>&5
ltconfig:914: checking if gcc supports -fno-rtti -fno-exceptions
ltconfig:915: gcc -c -g -O2 -fno-rtti -fno-exceptions -c conftest.c  -DLINUX=2 
-DUSE_EXPAT -DXML_BYTE_ORDER=12 conftest.c 1>&5
ltconfig:958: checking if gcc static flag -static works
ltconfig:959: gcc -o conftest -g -O2  -DLINUX=2 -DUSE_EXPAT -DXML_BYTE_ORDER=12  
-static conftest.c  1>&5
GNU ld version 2.9.1 (with BFD
ltconfig:1653: checking if global_symbol_pipe works
ltconfig:1654: gcc -c -g -O2  -DLINUX=2 -DUSE_EXPAT -DXML_BYTE_ORDER=12 conftest.c 1>&5
ltconfig:1657: eval "/usr/bin/nm -B conftest.o | sed -n -e 's/^.*[      
]\([ABCDGISTW]\)[       ][      ]*\(\)\([_A-Za-z][_A-Za-z0-9]*\)$/\1 \2\3 \3/p' > 
ltconfig:1709: gcc -o conftest -g -O2 -fno-builtin -fno-rtti -fno-exceptions  
-DLINUX=2 -DUSE_EXPAT -DXML_BYTE_ORDER=12  conftest.c conftstm.o 1>&5
configure:47357: checking for working mkdir -p

------ end of config.log ------

Here is a snippet of the end of my most recent attempt to do a make install.

------ make install tail ---------

Making install in .
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/shannon/Apachetoolbox-1.5.18/src/php-4.0.4pl1
/usr/sbin/apxs -i -a -n php4 libs/
cp libs/ /usr/lib/apache/
cp: libs/ No such file or directory
apxs:Break: Command failed with rc=65536
make[1]: *** [install-sapi] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/shannon/Apachetoolbox-1.5.18/src/php-4.0.4pl1'
make: *** [install-recursive] Error 1        

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