I'm hacking on a module that is communicating with an old 
flatfile db. When a connection to the db is made, all necessary 
information (such as record and field sizes/types)from the db are 

 If php-script A opens a connection to the db, and then loads a 
new php-script B - then the connection is automagically shut down.
I believe this is due to the fact, that I do the following:
        // _d_closeall simply closes all open connections
                return SUCCESS;
But how are these list destructors used? How should I avoid that my 
connection is closed _every_ time I load a new page? Is it simply a 
matter of placing some logic in _d_closeall, that only does the actual 
db-closing if appropriate? AND can I somehow differentiate between 
a page load and a browser termination? When to use zend_register_\

 How and where should I place my data - for them to be shared across 
the entrire session. At the moment I have declared some static variables 
in the beginning of the source file - is this OK or am I supposed to do 
it in a special PHP-style?


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