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> ID: 9918
> Updated by: sniper
> Reported By: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Old-Status: Feedback
> Status: Closed
> Bug Type: Compile Failure
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> ok, i uninstalled libjpeg, recompiled it with --enable-shared, rm config.cache, 
>recompiled php
> including the --with-jpeg-dir=/usr/local and it worked.  however, this brings up 
>another question. 
> how do i get php with pdflib without libjpeg? i do not intend to use libjpeg 
>therefore i dont want
> installed.  additionally if it must be there why isnt it listed as a dependancy of 
> -------------------
> 1. Did you notice that little text in the end of the email
> sent to you by this bug system? (DO NOT REPLY by email!)
> 2. The libtiff needs libjpeg. Compile pdflib without tiff
> support and you don't need libjpeg.
> 3. Ask more install related support questions on [EMAIL PROTECTED] as this 
>bug system is for reporting BUGS in PHP and NOT for asking support questions.
> Thank you,
> --Jani

1. no.  maybe you should put it at the top.  i tend not to read footers.

2. thank you.

3. i consider it a bug that the php install says that it need pdflib 3.x even though i 
have pdflib 3.0.1 installed.  the fact that its actually a problem with libjpge which 
is a problem becuase of libitff makes it all the more a bug.

ps sorry, but i had to.

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