I've noticed there isn't really a jumping off point for the PHP-GTK beginners
and users. I spent the last few hours throwing a site together that has the
basics to fill this void.

It has:

1.) An application archive
2.) News 
3.) Discussion
4.) Helpful Links

I've put up one of my initial apps and plan to put up a few others and maybe
a small HOWTO. I'd like the people who have been posting apps to take a few 
minutes to post their apps here as well. Also, anyone who was thinking of 
posting their apps it might be better served if we posted them in a more
central location. Finally, if anyone wants to help out (admin, howtos, etc.)
please feel free to contact me. 

As for me, I'm tired and plan on working on it more tomarrow :o)


 *    Joe Stump              *
 *    www.Care2.com          *   
 *    Office: 650.328.0198   *
 *    Extension: 122         *

Version: 3.12 
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