this whole "feature" have caused me several headhaches too..

There seem to be some consencus on this mailing list at least, that
this error is related to GLIBC. Ulrich Drepper, GLIBC maintainer, doesn't
see it that way. I sent a small program that illustrates this behaviour,
and the response was "This is not bug. Live with it". 

And sure, I can live with it.. However, it would make life easier
if we could make Apache modules that could be loaded by a stock RPM
/ debian Apache package, whatever.. wihtout having to rebuild all
the time. Afterall, that's the whole point of loadable modules.

If this is a feature and not a bug at least the package maintainers
could build the Apacher core server with pthread linked it in.

Allow me to attach the test scenario.. Note that it works fine on
Solaris 2.6... The generated program main-wt works OK since it is
linked with pthread -- the other, main-wot, without threads, dies
with a SEGV.

[snip] sub.c:
int sub(void) { return 1; }

[snip] main.c:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <dlfcn.h>

int main(int argc, char **argv)
        void *h;

        h = dlopen ("./sub.so", RTLD_NOW|RTLD_GLOBAL);
        if (!h)
                printf ("dlopen failed\n");
                exit (1);
        dlclose (h);

        exit (0);

[snip] Makefile
all: sub.so main-wt main-wot

sub.so: sub.c
        gcc -D_REENTRANT -shared sub.c -o sub.so -lpthread

main-wt: main.c
        gcc main.c -o main-wt -ldl -lpthread

main-wot: main.c
        gcc main.c -o main-wot -ldl

        rm -f main-wt main-wot sub.so core


On Tue, Mar 27, 2001 at 06:03:49PM -0600, Jason Greene wrote:
> I have ran into this issue many times, with the sudden system call switch between
> a threaded and non-threaded mode.  In one scenario I had a problem where a 3rd party 
> (chilisoft) was linked against an so that was linked against libpthread.
> I had an issue where signals where not being utilized correctly
> (SIGALRM would no longer work after one try) which would break keep-alive in apache.
> My first fix was a patch to the source to reset non-blocking on SIGALRM with every 
> Later I discovered just compiling the webserver with -lthread and -lpthread solved 
>all problems.
> I am currently developing an Intermail module, which uses threads as well, and have 
>had no problems.
> (the same applies to the php/java module.)
> I definitely think this is something that is not as well known as it should be.
> -Jason


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